European programs


Today's society and the labour market in particular are asking as a key aspect the mobility of students, workers and trainers. This mobility allows to improve professional and personal competencies, as well as the employability and linguistic skills.

The mobility of students and teachers is one of the fundamental tools for the education’s modernization and quality. That is why the INS Pedraforca arises as a priority line of action to implement a policy of rapprochement and cooperation at European level within the scope of the vocational training.

We are working in the center’s internationalization , we have requested the Erasmus charter for Higher Education and the 2014-2015 course we hope to launch this project. As well, the CFGS Sanitary Documentation is going to participate with the Lycée Polyvalent Privé La Salésienne de Saint-Etienne, France in the e-twinnig project “ The Social protection in Europe”.

We have also participate with the Aula d’acollida in the Trees for Europe project the 2013-2014 term.

In this link you can consult the application letter D ECHE.