PMOE Readers

Financed by Institut Pedraforca’s Pla de Millora d’Oportunitats Educatives 2021-22 (PMOE), 1st of Batxillerat students are improving their reading skills this week. They are also learning some new things about British culture:
Did you know that people from the East End of London speak Cockney slang?
Did you know that there are more than 60 theatres in London, most of them in the West End?
Did you know that the most famous one,  which is called “The Globe”, is on the south bank of the River Thames?
Did you know that most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed there for the first time?
Did you know that they are still performed to huge crowds today?
1st Batxillerat students are learning all this through a wonderful book called “A Foreigner in Britain”
Thank you PMOE!!*
*PMOE also stands for Pedraforca’s Might Opens Eyes 😉